Friday, March 20, 2009

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Hi I have been getting this magazine for awhile and i have to share it with others here. Its a great magazine for photoshop users. It includes step-by-step tutorials, interviews from a range of artists from talented starters to professional designers. It also offers deals on art programs and gadgets. The best part is there is a disc that comes with each issue that includes the tutorial photos so you can follow along, image galleries sumbited by artists, and a huge package of about one of three things: fonts, textures, and brushes. Its worth the money and the look I have a few issues already so if anyone wants to look at them in class (not when Sven is teaching of course) just ask me. If you want to borrow them though ill need something so ill know ill get it back. Not that I don't trust you guys its just that these issues are expensive and hard to replace.

Also a website to look at:
It is a website that is based around posting your portfolio on the internet. It has a free acount and is easy to set up. The draw back is that for free acounts you are limited to 35 files. It should be enough for a starter portfolio, but if you want to have more, it costs around $12 a month.

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