Thursday, March 10, 2011

I like fish.
Another scale piece.
GIMP, tablet, 3 hours.


  1. judging by your description, "I like fish" I assume this is underwater. But the person reminds me of a spaceman... underwater in space?

    I really like the glowing orbs. They remind me of eye balls because of the blue vein like objects attached.

  2. Yeah spaceman is kinda spacy, isn't he?
    I mean that it was inspired be a fish. The actual critter need not be underwater.

    Though, Alayna tells me that should this be underwater, it would have to be so deep that the diver suit would actually have to resemble a space suit. :p

    Thank you! I was trying to go for an organic-but-mutated feel to the bait. Or whatever you call that thing.

  3. Zoe i like this a lot!
    i dont know for sure if all your stuff is out of your head, but if so, i'm quite impressed. i really like the way those things seem to just emanate this brilliant glow. and the contrast with the other side is awesome... speaking of the left side... its really cool.. it's real subtle... but super effective. just an awesome piece in general.
    also... what does gimp mean?