Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Audacity of Hopelessness

This mixed media work was created by David Kinsey. Pertaining to the title, you can interpret audacity in two ways: Willingness to take bold risks or rude/disrespectful behavior. I believe the first definition works best for the work. I may be over analyzing this but I view the relatively white background as the hopelessness. The zebras are trying to fight there way out from this sense of hopelessness through the rift they've created. The fighting of the zebras illustrates their willingness to take bold risks to escape the hopelessness. The red-orange emphasizes their struggle and the battle they are in. It also emphasizes the rage of zebras. For example the zebra on the far left has red eyes, which we all associate with a very angry and evil animal or person. I also love the composition of the piece. How the zebras are beginning and ending at random points. It adds to the mayhem. Lastly, I like how they seem to originate from the black and red rift that splits the piece.

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