Wednesday, December 9, 2009

El Desvan de la Abuela by Leticia Tarrago

Leticia Tarrago is one of Meixco's foremost artists. Being my mom's favorite artist, i have many Tarrago's hanging on the walls in my house. I've grown to love her work, and appreciate her unique style. Titled 'El Desvan la Abuela, (which means 'grandmothers attic' in english,) this painting is one of my favorites by her. There is always something mysterious about her artwork that leaves you wondering about the characters in them. What is this little girls story? You can imagine her visiting her grandmother, asking if she can play with the toys in the attic. I love the way the doll and the horse give you a sense of childhood innocence, yet the look on the girls face is full of seemingly-adult emotion. I often find that sometimes the smallest details in Tarrago's art can make you fall in love with it. Even the little doll head peaking out from the girls right side intrigues you.. drawing your attention in, even if only for a second. In this particular painting, i love the way she uses lines and patterns in the background to convey the chaotic mess of fabrics that most attics poses. I also love the hats hanging on the wall, like two keepsakes that will never be worn again but hold memories that the wearer just couldn't let go of. 

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