Saturday, December 5, 2009

Impression Sunrise

This is a painting by Claude Monet during the Impressionist Movement. The impressionist movement dealt with the artists' attempts to capture the moment. The term Impressionism actually came from Monet's title for this painting. In this beautiful piece, Monet uses quick and large brush strokes. He conveys what he wants the viewer to see but he doesn't spell it out for you. The piece really captured my attention because of the colors that he uses. The painting has a lot of blues and greens that are then broken up by the vibrant orange sun and its reflection in the water. The yellow-orange sky brings the piece together. I love the way that Monet makes his background with the bright colors and then has the dark form of a boat. It draws my eye in to the silhouetted form. My favorite part of Monet's work is the fact that nothing is concrete, everthing moves. There are no blocks of colors; instead there are brush strokes which make up a color. This is my favorite piece for the moment.

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