Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lincoln Legacy

The piece of art I chose today is a mural located in Philadelphia. This mural was created by Josh Sarantitis and it depicts a young African American male, an abolitionist coin and the planks of a slave ship.
The mural is one of the most detailed murals I have ever seen. It presents amazing color balance and contrast and it holds an important message of freedom.
What I enjoy the most in this mural is the fact the planks of the slave ship blend into the stripes of the American flag, making American subconsciously reminisce about the slavery time in the United States. I also enjoy the irregular shape of the "canvas" in which the artist is working on and the background depicting the map of Africa.
I really like this mural due to the detail, precision and message that presents and it is one of the pieces of art that prove that Graffiti is art.

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