Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sidewalk Art

The image I chose today is 3D sidewalk art done by Julian Beever. She has done so many incredible pieces. I was looking through them online and every piece is so different. One with a frog, one making it look like you are going to fall through a hole if you walk over it, and the one with the hose. This picture the man is not holding a real hose all of it is drawn and he is placed by it to make it look like he is holding the running hose. It is crazy how real this art makes it look. The great depth in the values makes this really become 3D. After looking through all of these I want to find them and see them in person. It would be crazy to just walk down the street and see something so amazing right below you. They are so interesting and shows that people can do great things with art even if it is drawing one sidewalk.

This is another one of her artworks. This one is funny, but still amazing.

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