Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Primeira Missa no Brasil

The painting I choose today was created by Victor Meirelles, a 19th century brazilian painter. He studied art in Paris but most of his works were created in Brazil. His paintings focus in the history of Brazil, mainly the battles or religious activities of the first settlers.
The painting I choose its his most famous painting and it appears in all of History books from elementary schools in Brazil.The painting is called A Primeira missa no Brazil and it was created in 1861.The painting depicts the first christian ceremony in Brazil.
What I like the most in this painting is the constrast between the Europeans and the indigenous people. While the Europeans take this activity seriously, the indigenous people look at them sceptically and wondering what the Europeans are doing.The message in this painting is one of peace and cooperation, despite the horrible things that Europeans did to the natives of Brazil.
I like the realism and the background depicting the Brazilian coast with all the beatiful scenery.

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