Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cunhal the man

The painting I choose today was created by XESKO.XESKO is an Angolan artist descendent from Portuguese immigrants and his real name is Francisco Santos.XESKO is one of the most accomplished Angolan artists of all time.
This painting entitled "Cunhal the man" depicts Alvaro Cunhal, one of the most pro-Soviet western Europe communist leaders.Alvaro Cunhal is a prominent figure not only in Portuguese history but also in Angolan history.
What I like the most in this painting is the contrast between the white and black portrait and the colorful background. The white and black portrait symbolizes the recent death of Alvaro Cunhal and the colorful portrait symbolizes the legacy of his political party, the PCP (Partido Comunista Portugues) the most acclaimed leftist political party in Portugal. The color contrast, the detail and balance of the painting is just outstanding.

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  1. Hi,

    That work is indeed quite good and it took some work to accomplish.
    I should know because I saw him painting it :-)

    Best regards,